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Cronology of Fr Kentenich's Life - and Schoenstatt Founding


16 November
Katharina Kentenich’s son was born in Gymnich and given the name Peter Joseph at his baptism in the Parish Church of St Kunibert in Gymnich on 19 November. In the baptismal register the 18 November is given as the day of his birth, and this day is mentioned in many documents and biographies. The research of recent years suggests that the correct date is 16 November.


Move to Strassburg and attended the primary school there. (Probably around 29.12.1891 until after June 1892)


12 April
Katharina brought her son to the Orphanage of St Vincent in Oberhausen.


25 April
Low Sunday First Holy Communion
24 September
Confirmation by Auxiliary Bishop Fischer of Cologne in the temporary church of the Sacred Heart in Oberhausen.


23 September
Joseph Kentenich is brought by Fr Savels, parish priest of the Church of the Apostles in Cologne to Ehrenbreitstein, near Koblenz. He began his classical education there in the Pallottine Mission House.


27 July
Completion of his secondary schooling. Joseph Kentenich received his school-leaving certificate.
24 September
The two years’ Novitiate began with the ritual Clothing ceremony in the Mother House of the Pallottines in Limburg on the River Lahn.




24 September
With his First Profession.
11 October
Reception of the Tonsure.


Brother Kentenich is ill for a long time.




24 September
Second Profession
11 October
Reception of the Lower Orders




24 September
Third Profession
10 October
Ordination as Sub-Deacon




28 March
Ordination to the Deaconate
8 July
Ordination to the priesthood by Bishop Heinrich Vieter, Vicar Apostolic of Cameroon.
10 July
First Holy Mass in the chapel of the Pallottine Mission House in Limburg. Fr Kolb, the Provincial Superior, assisted, and Fr Karl Stehr preached




18 September
Fr Kentenich appointed teacher at Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein.




8 September
Transferred to Schoenstatt, and from October appointed Spiritual Director at the College in Schoenstatt.
28 October
Fr Kentenich held a talk that later became known as the Pre-Founding Document.