Pilgrim Mother Group

The Pilgrim Mother Group is a group that has been in place in Schoenstatt Australia for over 40 years now, and Our Mother Thrice Admirable has travelled to many homes across NSW!

Sr Luisa Maria is one of the leading Sisters that work with the Prilgrim Mother Coordinators to provide spiritual input and guidance so that the Prilgrim Mothers can lead the way to your home and touch your soul. You get to open your home and be blessed with the prescence of Our Lady and graces will be offered to all those that come to venerate and pray.

If you are interested in having a visit by Mother Mary or being a Coordinator for your family and friends, please contact Mt Schoenstatt for more details.

Pilgrim Mother Schoenstatt Contacts:

NSW Sr Luisa Maria  – srluisamaria@yahoo.com