Mother’s Branch

The Schoenstatt Mother’s Branch provides an opportunity for Mothers with children of all ages to meet regularly in small groups to discuss various topics related to their faith and vocation as mothers. They follow the example of Mary and strive to bring Christ to their families.

NSW Anne Walsh Email – [email protected]

Single Women

The Women’s League at Mt Schoenstatt NSW – has established a “Single Women’s” Group. The Single Women’s Group has been formed and reignited over this year and consists of ladies that are Mothers, Wives, Single women that also have Professional Careers. The group of Women come together every couple of months to explore texts from Our Father and Founder Fr J Kentenich, and how these texts and tools can help us in our own lives to seek Our Personal Ideal in an everchanging and fastpaced World.

If you are interested in coming along to any retreats or even our monthly meetings which is held on Covenant Sunday (the Sunday after the 18th of the Month), please do not hesitate to contact Shirley Hall or Sr M Elizabeth at Mt Schoenstatt.

NSW Shirley Hall Email – [email protected]